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7 Types Of Kitchen Counter Tops

January 21st, 2009

Granite Kitchen Countertops
It is very important that you place lots of thought when choosing the surface material for your counter top. This is because the counter top has to undergo lots of punishment over time. Today, there are many materials with both beauty and practicality embedded in them.
Butcher block counter tops are made from hardwoods like maple, red oak and teak and are easy to install and repair. These counter tops get scratched, burned and stained easily and can be sanded and resealed when required. Butcher block has to be treated with mineral oil or beeswax regularly but is not suggested over dishwashers or near a sink as its wood is sensitive to humidity fluctuations.
Butcher block counter tops

Concrete can be tinted any color and include stone chips with varying qualities as they can be custom formed using local fabricators. As concrete cuts and chips easily, it has to be sealed. Though topical sealers can resist stains, they are prone to damage from hot pots. Comparatively, concrete counter tops are expensive too.

Concrete countertops

Ceramic tile counter tops are found in many colors, styles and patterns which can be easily installed by adept do-it-yourselfers. These glazed tiles are resistant to stains, burns and scratches, while repair to these counter tops is easy and cheap. It is possible to tint grouts to match or contrast tiles; however joints may trap crumbs and soak up stains. This is why it is difficult to clean it, even if the grout is sealed. Moreover, tiles get scratched by sharp objects and may chip if hit hard.
Ceramic tile counter tops
Laminates are popular counter top materials as they are available in hundreds of colors and patterns and are reasonable in choice. They are lightweight and easy to install; but has additional edge treatment costs to be borne.
laminate countertops

Natural stones like granite and marble are popular counter top materials that resist all forms of physical abuse, nicks, scratches and scorching of hot pans. Of the two, granite is the tougher material while marble is softer and more prone to staining and etching from the acid in cleaners and foods. This is why they both have to be sealed with a protective sealer periodically.
granite countertops

Quartz resembles granite, but is more uniform in appearance. It is a combination of pigments, stone chips and resins and is resistant to heat, abrasion, stains and does not need any sealing. However it cannot withstand impacts.
quartz countertops
There are many solid surface materials available today for use on counter tops which are durable but expensive. They are made from polyester and acrylic resins with mineral fillers and are available in various thicknesses. Scratches and nicks cannot be seen easily here while prolonged heat on it can change its color.
solid surface  countertops
The latest trend in counter top materials is stainless steel and is chosen by those looking for integration of counters with pro-style and other stainless steel appliances. They are heat and stain resistant but tend to dent and scratch easily, shows fingerprints and are expensive.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Looking at all these counter top materials, it is left to you to choose the best material for your counter top, based on your budget, other kitchen appliances and the amount of wear and tear it goes through.

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  1. Granite is a natural stone which is quite unique since, unlike man-made materials, these natural stones will show a variation in colour and texture to be used as kitchen worktops. With this in mind, the remodeling of your kitchen will gave it a beautiful look by the use of granite.