Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things You Should Know about Interior Painting

Interior painting is not just about painting with your favorite color and doing whatever you want with your walls and ceiling. There are things that you must know about interior home painting. These are important things that you must consider, so take note of them.

Have you heard about color psychology before? If not, then you should know what color psychology means and how important it is to interior painting. Color psychology means that the color has some psychological effects on you. You sometimes notice that some restaurants have red-colored walls, because red has a stimulating and exciting effect, and helps stimulate your appetite. In contrast, green has a relaxing effect, and helps relax your eyes when you are reading or studying. You must know the different effects of each color, and what color to apply for a particular space in your home. Also, the colors should be agreeable to all members of your family.

The #2 thing that you ought to know with regard to interior home painting is the color scheme. Color scheme means that you coordinate the colors of your walls and ceilings with your furniture and curtains. The color of your walls must be a shade lighter than your sofas and curtains. The color of your ceiling must also be lighter than your walls. You might also need a sample of colors when you choose your wall paint.

#3, you have to know what type of paint to buy. There are different types of paint, such as latex, oil-based, acrylic, and enamel. Each paint can be used in particular applications and may not be suitable for other applications. For instance, enamel paint is best for woodwork and wood-finish wall and ceiling, and may not be suitable for concrete-finish. Aside from paint for main coating, you also need a paint thinner and a primer.

4th, before your start painting, you have to know first what type of finish that you want for your walls, whether it is glossy or matte. However, you should not choose whatever finish would interest you without knowing what effect a type of finish can do. For instance, a glossy finish may not be good for a room where reading or watching TV is a major activity, because it causes glare, and therefore, bad for your eyes. For you to avoid some problems, it is better to settle with a matte finish, although you can choose glossy finish on some parts in your home that do not cause glare.

These things can be quite hard to understand, and there are still deeper concepts behind them. That is the problem of your interior designer if you happen to hire one. However, sometimes we want to do it on our own to save money. Also, there are easy ways and tips to design or remodel our home, which are readily available for you on books and on the internet; but then again, you have to exert an extra effort for research, and it seriously takes a lot of time. So, it is up to you to decide whether you would do it all by yourself or hire an expert on this.

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